Abbreviations can be added to the checkout url to pass various configuration parameters to render checkout in its own (portal) webpage. For example, here is a basic checkout for $1.00, set with the value "p.a=1". This is useful for integration that do not support embedding JavaScript code such as an HTML email, PDF invoices, or integrations with certain third party services.
accessvanityYour vanity url.a.v
accesspublishableKeyYour publishable key.a.k
accessenvThe environment mode the checkout instance should operate in.a.e
checkout typecheckoutTypeThe type of checkout to render. The checkout type largely determines the overall type of flow the checkout will perform.v.t
viewsviewCloseSet the visibility of the close button inside the checkout instance.s.p.b
viewsviewLogoSets the visibility of the header logo.v.l
viewsviewExtIdsSet the visibility of various resource external ids.v.e
viewsviewReceiptSet what should happen once a flow completes.v.r
viewsviewFundsSets the payment methods available in the checkout instance as well as the order in which they will appear.v.f
viewsviewCloseSet the visibility of the close button inside the checkout instance.v.c
viewsviewCheckoutSet whether the checkout displays the the billing portal chrome layout or the more compact mobile layout.v.h
viewsviewLabelsSet the visibility of field labels globally.v.a
viewsviewHeaderSet the visibility of the checkout instance header
viewsviewSecureSet the visibility of the security notice. This is usually the 'lock' symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the checkout instance.v.s
misccustomReceiptSet a custom message on the receipt page.s.o.r
misclogoUrlLoad an external image url to display as the header logo.s.t.l.u
miscexternalCssLoad an external css file to alter the look and feel of the checkout instance.s.t.e
miscfixedAmountSet the payment amount to be editable or fixed.v.x
payerpayerNameThe payer name.y.n
payerpayerEmailThe payer email.y.e
payerpayerExtIdThe payer external id.y.x
payerpayerAddressStreetThe payer street address.y.a.s
payerpayerAddressCityThe payer city address.y.a.c
payerpayerAddressPostalThe payer postal address.y.a.p
payerpayerAddressStateThe payer state address.y.a.d
payerpayerAddressCountryThe payer country address.y.a.u
payerpayerMetaThe payer meta data.y.a.m
cardcardNameThe name on the card.r.c.o
cardcardNumberThe card number.r.c.n
cardcardMonthThe card expiry month.r.c.m
cardcardYearThe card expiry year.r.c.y
cardcardCodeThe card security code.r.c.c
cardcardExtIdThe card external id.r.c.x
cardcardAddressStreetThe card street address.r.c.a.s
cardcardAddressCityThe card city address.r.c.a.c
cardcardAddressPostalThe card postal address.r.c.a.p
cardcardAddressStateThe card state address.r.c.a.d
cardcardAddressCountryThe card country address.r.c.a.u
cardcardMetaThe card meta data.r.c.a.m
bankbankNameOnAccountThe name on the bank account.r.b.n
bankbankAccountTypeThe bank account type.r.b.t
bankbankAccountHolderTypeThe bank account holder type.r.b.h
bankbankRoutingThe bank routing number.r.b.r
bankbankAccountThe bank account number.r.b.c
bankbankAccountRepeatThe bank account repeat
bankbankExtIdThe bank external id.r.b.x
bankbankAddressStreetThe bank street address.r.b.a.s
bankbankAddressCityThe bank city address.r.b.a.c
bankbankAddressPostalThe bank postal address.r.b.a.p
bankbankAddressStateThe bank state address.r.b.a.d
bankbankAddressCountryThe bank country address.r.b.a.u
bankbankMetaThe bank meta data.r.b.a.m
paymentpaymentAmountThe payment amount.r.p.a
paymentpaymentCurrencyThe payment currency.
Supported currencies [ "USD", "CAD", "EUR", "MXN", "AUD", "GBP" ]
paymentpaymentDescriptionThe payment description.r.p.d
paymentpaymentExtIdThe payment external id.r.p.x
paymentpaymentMetaThe payment meta.r.p.m
scheduled paymentspNameThe scheduled payment name.r.sp.n
scheduled paymentspDescriptionThe scheduled payment description.r.sp.d
scheduled paymentspExtIdThe scheduled payment external id.r.sp.x
scheduled paymentspAmountThe scheduled payment amount.r.sp.a
scheduled paymentspCurrencyThe scheduled payment currency.
Supported currencies [ "USD", "CAD", "EUR", "MXN", "AUD", "GBP" ]
scheduled paymentspIntervalThe scheduled payment interval.r.sp.i
scheduled paymentspIntervalCountThe scheduled payment interval count.r.sp.c
scheduled paymentspAnchorThe scheduled payment anchor.r.sp.r
scheduled paymentspTimesToRunThe scheduled payment times to run.r.sp.t
scheduled paymentspAtDayThe scheduled payment day to
scheduled paymentspMetaThe scheduled payment meta data.r.sp.m