The disclosure Object

  "env": "sandbox",
  "schema": "",
  "chain": "",
  "address": "0x5c75E2EB5492aB808b29529e406F26F9CAD21fD2",
  "token": "1",
  "evidence": {
    "@type": "certification",
  	"hello": "World"
  "proof": [
      "path": [],
      "nodes": [
          "index": 1,
          "hash": "48ec6ac9e0d36265c15620dc6aa..."
      "values": [
          "index": 2,
          "value": "78002eb9b19344e451c1f8eba2...",
          "nonce": "d4735e3a265e16eee03f59718b..."
env string, possible values are: sandbox, live
The Paystand environment. Useful in communicating with Paystand to verify the generated imprints against public Paystand records.
schema string
The url where the schema can be retrieved.
chain string
The url of the chain containing the record (token).
address string
The address of the deployed contract containing the record (token).
token integer string
The token associated with the record where the imprint is stored.
evidence object/hash
The disclosed information.
proof array of objects
A cryptographic proof of the evidence. Can be used along with the evidence and the original schema to generate an imprint which can be compared to the imprint stored as part of the token.