Assurety Wallets

Assurety Wallets are used to store cryptographic private/public key pairs associated with a public blockchain address. Creating a Wallet will create a single private/public key pair and reveal its associated public address. The private/public key pair will be securely stored and will never be shared.

All transactions on a blockchain must be associated with a public address and must be signed using the private key associated with that address before they will be accepted on the blockchain.

Paystand takes care of signing transactions on your behalf whenever an Assurety Schema or an Assurety Record is created. Simply create a Wallet and add it to an Assurety Schema during Schema creation. All records created using that Schema will be signed using the Wallet associated with the Schema.

POST /assurety/assurors/:id/wallets
 PUT /assurety/wallets/:id
 GET /assurety/wallets/:id
 GET /assurety/assurors/:id/wallets
POST /assurety/wallets/:id/activate
POST /assurety/wallets/:id/deactivate