The assuretySchema Object

  "id": "c26c288cc9d8477eb58fe9c5",
  "object": "assuretySchema",
  "assuror": "30dd879cee2f11db83140800",
  "chain": "b2e849a26b3241fead1e744a",
  "contract": "437c364d41ef49fe8ded8f51",
  "wallet": "cbac9afb00bb4bcab86a8ad5",
  "address": "0x5c75E2EB5492aB808b29529e406F26F9CAD21fD2",
  "specification": {
    "properties": {
		  "@type": {
        "type": "string"
  		"hello": {
      	"type": "string"
    "type": "object"
  "name": "Generic Schema",
  "description": "A generic assurety schema.",
  "meta": {},
  "status": "active",
  "created": "2015-10-28T22:55:09.000Z",
  "lastUpdated": "2015-10-28T22:55:13.000Z"
id string
The unique identifier of the schema.
object string, value is "assuretySchema"
assuror string [expandable]
The assuror associated with the schema.
chain string [expandable]
The chain associated with the schema.
contract string [expandable]
The contract associated with the schema.
wallet string [expandable]
The wallet associated with the schema.
address string
The public blockchain address where the schema contract is deployed.
specification object/hash
A JSON object representing the specification that all records created against this schema must comply with. The specification must conform to the JSON Schema standard.
name string
The name of the schema.
description string
A short description of the schema.
meta object/hash
status string, possible values are: active, inactive

A schema starts out as active upon creation. In an active state, records can be created against the schema.

A schema can become inactive by calling the Deactivate a schema endpoint. In an inactive state, records can longer be created against the schema.
created datestring
The date the schema was created.
lastUpdated datestring
The date the schema was last updated.