"id": "8f74e458dcda4b98a11740f3",
  "object": "hold",
  "amount": "20.25",
  "currency": "USD",
  "holdTime": "1",
  "releaseDate": "2015-11-30T21:18:15.000Z",
  "dateReleased": "2015-11-30T21:18:15.000Z",
  "status": "released",
  "created": "2015-11-29T21:18:15.000Z",
  "lastUpdated": "2015-11-29T21:18:15.000Z"
idThe unique identifier for the hold.
objectWill have value "hold" indicating that the object is a hold response.
amountThe amount of the hold.
currencyThe currency for the amount of the hold.
holdTimeThe hold time as a String Integer of days.
releaseDateThe date the hold is scheduled to be released.
dateReleasedThe date the hold was released.
statusThe current status of the hold. One of: "created", "active", "released".
createdThe date the hold was created.
lastUpdatedThe date the hold was last updated.