Assurety Records

POST /assurety/schemas/:id/records
 PUT /assurety/records/:id
 GET /assurety/records/:id
 GET /assurety/schemas/:id/records
POST /assurety/records/:id/disclose

Once an Assurer, a Wallet, and a Schema have been created, an Assurety Record can be created.

An Assurety Record is a set of data that conforms to a schema specification and is represented as a smart contract token on a blockchain. The data is stored on the blockchain (in the token) as a cryptographic imprint. The underlying data cannot be recovered from the imprint alone, and so is secure to store on the blockchain as a public asset. The token, and thus the imprint, can never be removed, modified, or tampered with once it is on the blockchain.

Once a record is created, some or all of the information contained within the record can be cryptographically disclosed to third parties in such a way that they can verify the accuracy of the information against the imprint on the blockchain.