The Billing Portal loads a prepopulated checkout from a simple URL

The Billing Portal allows Merchant Customers to collect payment information from their Payer Customers using a hosted version of checkout.

The Billing Portal's primary use cases are situations where the environment from which a payment, payment method or scheduled payment needs to be collected, is not an active website.

Example use cases are payment or schedule buttons in an HTML email or PDF document.


Billing Portal Unified Resource Locator (URL)

The Billing Portal URL supports the same parameters as the checkout Init object described in Init Object Reference. These parameters can be passed along with the URL in 2 GET parameter formats:


Billing Portal Base URL

The Base URL for loading the Production Billing Portal is{"publishableKey":"bkba5nienlzbnb6ub2chmcsp", "payment": {"amount": "1.00"}, "currency": "USD"}


Required Fields

Whether using dot notation or a single init parameter, each Billing Portal URL must specify at a minimum publishableKey (k) and currency (c). See Checkout Attributes Reference for details.