The assuretyContract Object

  "id": "c26c288cc9d8477eb58fe9c5",
  "object": "assuretyContract",
  "name": "Hello World Contract",
  "description": "A contract to say hello to the world.",
  "type": "hello_world",
  "version": "1",
  "abi": [
      "constant": true,
      "inputs": [],
      "name": "sayHello",
      "outputs": [
          "name": "",
          "type": "string"
      "payable": false,
      "stateMutability": "pure",
      "type": "function"
  "status": "active",
  "created": "2015-10-28T22:55:09.000Z",
  "lastUpdated": "2015-10-28T22:55:13.000Z"
id string
The unique identifier.
object string, value is "assuretyContract"
name string
The name of the contract.
description string
A short description about the contract.
type string, value is "certificate"
String representing the type of contract. The only value currently supported is certificate.
version positive integer string
Integer String representing the version for the Assurety Contract type. Each type will have its own versioning.
abi array of objects
An ABI is a JSON representation of a smart contract interface. They are used by SDKs to interact with blockchain smart contracts directly.
status string, possible values are: active, inactive
While in the "active" state, it can be deployed to any active Assurety Chain.

While in the "inactive" state, it cannot be deployed to any Assurety Chain. Assurety Schemas using an Assurety Contract that is currently in an "inactive" state can still use and interact with the underlying smart contract using the Assurety Contract ABI as usual.
created datestring
The date the contract was created.
lastUpdated datestring
The date the contract was last updated.