POST /payments/secure
 PUT /payments/:paymentId
 GET /payments/:paymentId

What is a payment?

The payment resource allows you to accept Card and Bank account payments.

When using the "card" or "bank" object parameters, an associated Card or Bank resource will automatically be created and associated with the payment. The associated resource will appear in the payment response in the "sourceType" and "sourceId" parameters.

Currency Support

Payments can be accepted in the following currencies: USD, CAD, EUR, MXN, AUD and GBP.
The payment amount is converted to the merchants base currency and can be found in the response under settlementAmount. Currency exchange rates vary, so it’s not possible to know in advance the exact rate that will be used.

Recharging Funds

You can charge a fund more than once by using the Create a payment endpoint.

A Paystand Card or Paystand Bank object is a fund.

This feature is not enabled by default. Please contact Paystand Customer Support if this is something that you are interested in.

The user or application provided must have access to act on behalf of the customer. This customer must have access to the authenticated payments endpoint. This customer also needs to be the owner of the Paystand Card or Bank that the cardId or bankId points to.

Where do I get a fund Id from?

Origin account

The origin account for a payment is an account held by the payment owner where funds will be managed.

By default, the origin account is the "default" account for the payment owner. You can change this by specifying "accountKey" on payment creation and providing an active account key owned by the payment owner. The origin account can only be set once, at payment creation, and cannot be updated.