The assuretyRecord Object

  "id": "993f6e7efd9d4728a047c132",
  "object": "assuretyRecord",
  "assuror": "30dd879cee2f11db83140800",
  "schema": "99f52d09d7e74be9a9f94eab",
  "chain": "b2e849a26b3241fead1e744a",
  "wallet": "f4375b83edc849b4884753ec",
  "token": "1",
  "data": {
    "@type": "certification",
    "hello": "World"
  "imprint": "0x642c19d1a7f27bbe...156d73fc814bd62ce8ed8640b5d",
  "name": "Generic Record",
  "description": "A generic assurety record.",
  "meta": {},
  "status": "active",
  "created": "2015-10-28T22:55:09.000Z",
  "lastUpdated": "2015-10-28T22:55:13.000Z"
id string
The unique identifier for the record.
object string, value is "assuretyRecord"
assuror string [expandable]
The assuror associated with the record.
schema string [expandable]
The schema associated with the record.
chain string [expandable]
The chain where the token is stored.
wallet string [expandable]
The wallet owning the token.
token integer string
The token stored on the blockchain.
data object/hash
The record data. Must conform to the schema specification outlined in its related schema. This is the data that is getting assured.
imprint string
A cryptographic imprint of the record data.
name string
The name of the record.
description string
A short description of the record.
meta object/hash
Optional key/values to help link the record to an external system.
status string, possible values are: active
created datestring
The date the record was created.
lastUpdated datestring
The date the record was last updated.