The settings object

  "auto": {
    "frequency": "daily",
    "active": ["default", "california_funds"],
    "accounts": {
      "default": {
        "bankId": "8bce66a6217146048061b67c"
      "california_funds": {
        "bankId": "bfccfdffe5444323b9d43a25"
auto.frequency string, possible values are: daily, weekly, monthly
The frequency by which automated withdrawals should run. array of strings
An array of account keys representing the accounts that should be automated. Each account will have their own withdrawal created if they have a positive available balance at the time that automated withdrawals runs.
auto.accounts object
For each accountKey listed in '', there should be a matching top-level key in this object. The value of each key is a simple object containing the bankId to be used for a withdrawal when the automated withdrawals run.