The plan status object

The planStatus object

What is the plan status?


Depending on the current plan, there will be a set of "verifications" that are required. Generally there is an underwriting verification ("standard" or "professional") and/or a "bank" verification. If the verification has indeed been verified, then it will have a value of "verified", otherwise it will have a value of "unverified". Changing plans may affect the list of verifications.


The most common values you may encounter in the "needed" parameter:

  • bankDrops: The bank drops have not yet been initiated. Try adding a bank.
  • verifyBankDropAmount: Bank drops have been initiated and the amounts still need to be verified.
  • underwritingData: We do not yet have enough information to make a informed underwriting decision. Try adding more customer information.

If there are other values in the "needed" parameter, it usually means that we had enough information to start the underwriting process and we are asking for more specific information such as "ssn" or other critical information.


Status is the most important parameter in the planStatus as its value is used as the ultimate determination of the current plan's state. Depending on the plan, certain features are enabled and disabled depending on whether the status is "unverified" or "verified". Any other status results in all features being disabled. In general, if all "verifications" are set to "verified", then the "status" will also be "verified".

Example plan status

	"account": {
		"planStatus": {
    	"plan": "Paystand Enterprise",
      "status": "verified",
      "verifications": {
      	"bank": "unverified",
        "professional": "verified"
      "needed": ["verifyBankDropAmounts"]



planThe name of the plan.
statusThe plan status.
verificationsThe verifications for this plan and whether they have been verified.
neededAny outstanding verifications that are needed for the customer's plan status to become verified.

State diagram


customer.planStatus.status diagram


PlanStatus status

  • incomplete: Not enough information has been provided to begin the verification process.
  • unverified: Verification was unsuccessful and more information is required. These requirements will be listed under the needed field.
  • verified: The customer is verified and has everything enabled under the verified section of their plan.
  • denied: The customer has been denied. This usually means that the account is fraudulent. Customer will not be able to conduct any transactions.