Getting Started

A customer represents a person or a business that can use the Paystand network. A customer can send and receive payments, create and track receivables, manage their accounts, withdrawal funds, and much more. To get started Signup with Paystand to get access to your customer.

For direct and platform customers

Update your customer
Provide all required customer information to verify the customer.

Verify a bank account
Check your bank statement after a few days of adding a bank account to retrieve the two amounts that Paystand deposited into the account.

Add an additional owner
Add or manage additional owners to help verify the customer.

Add another bank account
Add an additional bank account to withdrawal funds to.

Add an extra account
Accept payments on different accounts to keep funds from various sources separate. Automate withdrawal schedules per account.

Retrieve the balance
See the current balance for an account.

Register to get a bank's history
Login to your bank to register a bank account to retrieve ongoing bank history transactions.

For platform customers

Create a customer
Onboard a new customer to your platform.