Refund Recoups

POST /refunds/:refundId/recoups
 GET /refunds/recoups/:refundRecoupId

If payment transfers were made against a given payment and a refund occurred on that payment, then the payment owner can recoup some or all of the refunded amount.

The total amount of the recoup cannot exceed the amount of the refund. A customer cannot recoup more from another customer or another account than the amount that was transferred to them for a given payment.

A refund recoup follows similar rules and formatting as a payment transfer except for the following:

  • All recoup amounts are represented as negative values.
  • Recoups can take funds from accounts marked as final.
  • Recoups will favor taking funds from "final" over "transferable".
  • All recouped funds will go back to the owner's origin account and be marked as "final" which will potentially even out a previously negative balance.

All recoup amounts should be in the payment's settlement currency.